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Sea Lion Fishing Tackles & Diving Equipment started in 1990, distributing fishing tackles such as rods, reels, fishing lines, lures and other accessories in Maxima, Pioneer, Tica, Penn, Shimano, Abu, MirrOlure, Bomber, Rapala, Yozuri, Surecatch, Hinomiya, Halco and Seahawk brands.

As well as Diving Equipment such as snorkel, fins, mask, boots, gloves, Knifes, bags, regulators, cylinders, wetsuits, BCD Jackets, Console Guage, Dive Computers and under water touches in Suunto, Cressi Sub, Technic Sub, Tecna, Beuchat, Saekodive, Unidive, Luxfer, Catalina, Coltri Sub,Bauver and Contri Sub brands. We started as a modest retail shop in Colombo 02, Sri Lanka.

We are importing the fishing tackles and Diving Equipments from USA, France, German, Sweden, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

With our humble start, we are confident in expanding the business together with you.